Monday, February 21, 2011

Get backlinks and traffic using blogs.

You must be wondering how to increase the traffic to your website or blog. This is very easy but needs patience. You can comment on different blogs related to your web or blog content. While commenting you can post the link of your blog or websites for other readers in community.
The other way to increase the traffic is to add your website to search engines like google , technorati. Technorati is very famous among the readers around the world to search thee blogs. You can add your blog to Technorati easily. Click Here to Join Technorati
Steps to add a Blog to Technorati.
1- Register to Technorati by above link.
2- Fill the form and then at the bottom enter the URL of your site to claim the blog.
This will take some time for them to verify the blog.
You can also add your blog to Google directory. You cannot be sure that your blog is added to Google database still you can try if you  are the lucky enough to be recognized by google.
Click Here to add your Website or blog to Google database.
You can also join some free advertising websites that advertise your site on their site.Click here to join a free advertisement program. These tips will surely increase the back links in your blog. I will discuss some other techniques in next blogs.

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