Sunday, July 31, 2011

Data Interpretetion question E Litmus Answers

Please find the answer to the Data Interpretation Question posted on Techno Media Corp! for the E Litmus Sample Paper-3.
Answer Key
(1) 2 (5) 3
(2) 3 (6) 1
(3) 5 (7) 2
(4) 2
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Joylus Merwin D'Souza said...

can any1 explain me how they gt this ans??

sai said...

pls give the solution toooooo for every pblm

Gaz said...

hello sir, i am thinking 2 gve elitmus exam next month so could u please guide me through this....i am giving u my email id please forward me some of the sample papers. 4 providing information.

Ashish Kumar said...

question's you have given in sampel papers are very easy....elitmus questions are CAT level type or more than that...

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