Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introduction to Internet marketing!

Guys you must be wondering how most of the popular websites earn money or generate revenue. Many of the website owners generate a lot of revenue from their websites by simply posting ads.
There are so many ways to post the ads. Google Ad-sense is one of the best gadget by IT giant GOOGLE. Google shares its profit with website owners for posting Ads.
Now the question comes that how a simple student or individual willing to earn can do this.
you will not believe many of the techies have left their full time job and working on Search engine Optimization. 
No doubt Internet marketing is supposed to be the fastest growing market in E-commerce.
This will not only generate revenue for you, but you will be more technically sound in web designing and internet marketing. Search engine optimization is one of techniques used by companies in Internet marketing to rank their websites high and generate revenues.
Wait for the next blog for more information on E-commerce. I will be there with some more tips and features.Till then enjoy surfing.

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