Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choose Ad Sense Program for Blog - compare!

Now you have started writing your own blog and getting some considerable traffic. Now this is the right time when you should think to monetize your blog to earn some profit. There are many Ad Sense programs available. You might get confused which one to choose and which one will be profitable. You need to choose Ad Sense program for blog according to your needs.
I researched the experience of many bloggers who used Ad Sense programs. I am going to share a review after my research.
The most famous Ad sense program is Google Ad sense. There are other options available like Chitika, Adbrite, and Infolinks. You might be thinking that you can easily get registered to any of the programs and start earning. Well this is not that easy.
Let’s take a look on procedures to follow to subscribe for Google Ad sense and Chitika. I have tried to compare Google Ad Sense and Chitika.
Google Ad sense- This is one of the best programs available with high CTR (click through rate) and CPM (Clicks per month). There are some strict rules by Google to audit the blogs that ask for the subscriptions. I will suggest you to prepare yourself before applying to Google Ad sense.
Please check that you have-
1)      You have genuine and unique content in your blog or website. It should be well researched and not copy pasted. Check Your Unique content at copy scape or article checker.
2)      Please make sure that you do not have any hatred or porn on your blog.
3)      Make sure that your site is constructed well in format and look.
4)      Please check that your site does not contain any broken links and fully constructed.
5)      There is a bad news for bloggers from India, Pakistan and China region. Google is very strict in approving the service in this sub-continent. It feels bad and racial but many Click frauds occur in this region.
6)      Make sure that you have enough articles in your blog for the auditors to audit.
7)      Rest Google pays best if your blog is approved for Google Ad sense.
Now let’s check Chitika.
1)      Chitika was founded in 2003. Now it has a good number of Advertisers.
2)      Chitika has some issues with Indian sub continent publishers. It feels bad as the CEO of Chitika is from India.
3)      Chitika approves the service easily than Google Ad sense.
4)      Chitika has another issue with many users that it does not count many impressions and clicks.
Well, it’s up to you to choose Ad sense program for your blog wisely. You can also use other options available.
Let me know for your suggestions and queries. Click to Learn how to optimize a blog for SEO. I hope this post will be useful for you.

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